Premium Synthetic Putting Turf for Convenient Golfing Short Game Practice

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Premium Synthetic Putting Turf for Convenient Golfing Short Game Practice

Are you considering premium synthetic putting turf for your home or business?

So, you want to practice your favorite sport in your leisure time without having to travel – planning your very own putting turf for your home’s backyard or an outdoor area of your business is a fantastic way to improve your short game.

Step One – Your Personal Putting Green: Natural Grass or Synthetic Turf?

First you must decide between natural grass or synthetic turf. If your original intention for installing your own putting green was convenience than the choice is obvious – premium synthetic putting turf all the way – because minimal maintenance is the key to convenience!

Step Two – What Type of Company is Best to Achieve the Green of My Dreams?

Second, you should look for a company that offers the following:

  • A selection of top quality, innovative putting turfs. Ask if they have quality standards for the materials they sell.
  • A professional crew for installation. The best companies will have their own installation teams that will have a reputation that speaks for itself.
  • Free consultations. How about free artificial turf consultations AND design sessions?
  • Years of experience in the industry. How long has the company been in business?
  • A diverse range of projects using synthetic turf, not just putting greens. Have they also completed projects with synthetic grass such as residential or business landscaping, playgrounds, or athletic fields for colleges or sports complexes?
  • Readily available references of completed projects. You should be able to peruse through photo galleries, testimonials, references or in person completed projects. This will allow you to see the aesthetics, durability, longevity and level of craftmanship for yourself.

Step Three – What IS the Green of my Dreams?

And third you should have a good idea what type of play you will be using the putting green for most, in order to decide on what type of installation you would like.

The majority of shots in a round of golf are comprised of hits of 120 yards or nearer. Being a good golfer doesn’t necessarily mean having the skill to make 250-yard drives, in fact, not all players are even physically capable of that. Being a good golfer DOES mean having a good short game.

Where does your short game need the most practice? Chipping? Pitching? Bunker play? Putting?  

Make sure you discuss this with your premium synthetic putting turf company so that they can help you plan your putting green. They will have plan designs to meet your needs for short game practice including, but not limited to, stand-alone chipping platforms and bunkers.

Home Putting Solutions for the Win!

As one of the top putting turf companies that services the greater areas of South Florida and the Midwest US, Home Putting Solutions have all your needs covered. They are happy to provide a free consultation and design session to see what they can do for your home or business putting green design ideas. With a pro-active approach, years of industry experience and a clear and obvious passion for what they do, you can quickly see your dreams for a personal premium synthetic putting turf manifested, and on budget too!